Sunday, April 7, 2013


Hi there!!!  In the last post, I mentioned that I would be beginning a new musical project.  In addition to our Five piece Band, Jimi now books us as a duo/trio.  Friday was our Debut in our home town and on Saturday we traveled to Franklin, Pa...both nights went very well!!!!  We look forward to filling our schedule with this new project.  This new project gives Jimi and I the ability to stay working during the week and on weekends if the full Band is not booked. 

In other Musical notes.... The original song we are working on is coming along!!!! I am now working on the vocals and just completed 19 harmonies. ...this week we hope to finish the main vocals and the song will soon be finished!!! I am so anxious to share it with soon as it is done and we complete the copyright, the song will be shared everywhere we can share it!!! Please stay tuned for that!!!

Something else I wanted to share is that I have been wearing my hair straight this past week. Tell me what you think!!! Do you like it straight or curly? I love it straight but it takes so long to get it that way!

 I have also added another Haul video onto my YouTube Channel

Please visit there and check out what I have been up to, my Channel has a new look...I would love for you to subscribe if you have not done so already.

Just so you know, I am going to be getting together with my Friend Donna this week to film a couple of DIY video' has been a while since we have done that together so look for those kind of videos again on my channel soon.

What has been keeping you busy as of late? I would love to know!!

Much Love,
Milady Leela
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