Sunday, July 21, 2013

...And The Winner Is!!!

Well, I must say that it has been so much fun traveling to all of the Mad Hatter Tea Party's this past week!  Once again, I would like to Thank our Original Hostess, Vanessa Valencia who had a very Enchanting Party I must say...visit here if you have not yet been there
If you had visited me at my Tea Party you know that I was having a Giveaway. It is now time to announce the winner........ Drum Roll Please!
                                                           ~Michelle ~
From Que Bella...Visit her Tea Party here
You can still stop over for Tea with me, the invitation is always open, if you have not yet had the chance to visit.

So Thank you all who have Participated, Thank you all for Visiting and Thank you all for your Love and Support.  I Treasure you all!

Much Love,
Milady Leela


  1. GORGEOUS WINGS! And I LOVE the piano music on your page, so enchanting!


  2. Thanks so much Christina!!! These wings are in my Etsy Shoppe. I had so much fun creating them! Also, the Piano music is from a very good friend of mine..Topper Fralick. It is an original piece. I had participated in the Annual Halloween Party last year with Vanessa fro post was called "A Ghost Girl named Esther" Topper let me use this piece for my post as I thought it was very fitting. I loved it so much, I have kept it on the blog. I have a link to his Sound Cloud on the right side bar.

  3. update to the above....I just changed the music on my Blog since the Rens Fest is nearing here in Pittsburgh Pa...Thanks once again to Topper for creating this music for me♥

  4. Hi Dena, I'm so excited to have won! I'm having problems with my yahoo account this week, so I emailed you from my aol account. In case I'm marked as spam, I put Mad Tea Party in the subject line. This music is lovely :)
    Thanks, Michelle

    1. No problem Michelle, so glad to be able to send you your prezzie and glad that you like the music♥