Monday, December 9, 2013

A Holiday Jewelry Show and My Rad Coat

Yesterday was the Girls Gone Shopping Holiday Show.

  It was a good show..Jimi came with me and I love it when he does.  He helps me so much and it is nice to have him with me to talk to.  I did not get to use my Lace Curtain back drop because the space was so limited between the vendor tables. Oh well...  the day was very nice anyway.

 Jimi and I ordered lunch while we were there.  He ordered a sandwich and I ordered a salad. That is the usual I shall say.  Also, I have been wearing my Totally Rad Coat as of late.  This is me at the show...brrr, it was a bit chilly inside!

 Yeah, I love this coat!!!!!

Milady Leela

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