Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas At The Miller's 2013

Hello my Friends!  Well now, Christmas has come and gone.  It happens so quickly. Preparing for the Holiday for months then in a blink of the eye, it passes.  I hope that what ever Holiday you celebrated, it was a magical one this year.  Jimi and I came down with a flu like virus on Christmas Eve, so we spent our evening snuggling with our Kitty's.

On Christmas Day, we were still not feeling that well so we opted to stay home.  My Daughter Kelly was having Christmas Dinner this year at her house...we really felt bad not being with the family but we were just not up to leaving the house.  It was definitely a different Christmas for us.  Prior to Christmas, we did have a few friends over to celebrate the Season.  I instagramed this photo of myself after getting ready for our party.

It is such a passion for me to have Friends and Family over to Celebrate The Season!  My Friend Robin took these amazing Photo's from the Evening.

 Champagne Punch♥

 Chicken Salad with Croissants and Grapes.  I add special ingredients to my Chicken Salad to make it extra yummy♥ 
 A  Colorful Cookie Tray♥

 Spinach Dip♥

...and a few other goodies♥

It was a very Special evening,,,
Of course even the Kitty's were apart of the Celebration...although Midi was in hiding.

So there you have it..Christmas at the Miller's 2013.....

If you would like to have me share a recipe from my Holiday Spread...Let me know, I would be happy to post a "kitchen Spell" for you!

I would love to hear how your Holiday said, I hope it was magical♥

Much Love,
Milady Leela


  1. Christmas looks so very cozy and delicious at your house Dena! I hope it was lovely!

    1. Thank you Jennifer! Yes it was lovely. I hope yours was too♥