Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Food and Friendship

This past Friday, I had the lovely opportunity to join my friend Gail for breakfast at one of our favorite local spots.  She enjoyed the Apple Pancake and I had the Egg Breakfast.  It was her treat as one of the gifts she intended to give me for Christmas/Yule.  In addition, she gifted me with some absolutely beautiful treasures too.
I share them in this video♥

Gail is a Beautiful Soul and so so Earthy....She is very connected to our Beautiful Planet and the Wheel of the Year is something that she truly follows and  lives by.  My gift to her was a book called the ~Mystic Garden~.

 "A Mystic Garden is a lyrical primer on the spirituality of gardening, affirming the garden as a soulful space where people can take root and experience the changing seasons and the enduring cycle of renewal." ~courtesy of amazon.

In addition, I gifted her with a dried Rose Bud attached to it's stem that I delicately dipped in beeswax. I am hoping she places it in a Sacred Space in her home.  I love wrapping gifts too so I placed the book inside  plain white wrapping tissue, tied it with raffia. As the finishing touch, I  embellished the package with a Winter Faery Gift Tag that I created.  These tags are really lovely.  I have them available for purchase.. if you are interested, let me know.
Gail said that she loved the packaging and was super excited to read her new book. Later, I spoke with her. She said that she curled up with the book and brewed a hot cup of tea to sip while reading.
Sounds Perfect yes? 
We had our first snow storm of the season on Saturday.

 Books and Tea make everything
Warm, cozy and just right!

Much Love,
Milady Leela

Sending you Blessings and Much Love!!!!


  1. APPLE PANCAKE!!!! It is a crime that you cannot get this at every cafe everywhere!

    Glad you two had a great catch up, and had fun giving each other wonderful gifts!

    1. Laura,
      let me tell you OMGoodness!!!! That Apple Pancake was so Amazing! of course I had to take a taste of it!