Monday, April 25, 2016

Living A Magical Life

These Beautiful Pansy Flowers were gifted to me last night by my Dear Friend Robin.  If you follow me here on this blog, you will know who I am speaking of,  as I have mentioned her many times.  She is so dear to me and I love and adore her like a sister! 
Robin mentioned to me that the flower pot(the terracotta one) is 80 years old!  How cool is that?  I love Terracotta Flower Pots, in fact I prefer them.  I did place the flower pot into another as you see in the photo, because of the drainage hole in the bottom.  I may leave it in this humming bird planter ...what do you think?
I think it looks pretty.  The humming bird planter is probably vintage as well.  I found it years ago at a thrift shoppe.
Well...lets get to some more in depth conversation....
I was reading a section in the book I am currently reading that truly inspired an emotional reaction.
First. the book I am speaking of is called "Romancing The Ordinary" by Sarah Ban Breathnach.
She is the author of the Simple Abundance Series of Books.  I really enjoy her work and highly recommend it!
Anyway, one of the sections I was reading was an opinion of  what magic is.  Well, this could actually turn out to be a very long discussion indeed.  I will hope that you read this book and  decide what you think about that particular section for yourself.  I will say though, that I believe that magic is not what some people believe it to be.  Magic, is actually very can be as simple for example, of making a connection with another, whether it be a person or even a pet.  That connection becomes so strong for what ever the reason may be in your experience.  There will be differences between the two or more involved, but something stays connected energetically to grow and build upon that connection. What I am talking about here is a meeting of souls. Anyone can have friends, pets, loves etc., in their life, but to really connect so strongly to a point where deep seeded Love truly evolves, now that is Magic.
Not everyone finds that kind of Magic.  Some do not even know that is what it is when they do.
But it is!!! And So it is!!!
Simple right?  So for those that are afraid of the word or even the idea of is not scary.  Anyone can have it, anyone can do the work emotionally to "Make it Happen"!!! So if you are  have a connection or are trying to build a connection with a friend, lover, pet...then you are practicing Magic!!! It does not always work and sometimes it does not come in the time we hope comes in it's own time and when it is suppose to. So today, get to your practice. Build a connection with your friends, loves, pets etc.  Life is too short not to!!!
I believe the world would be a better place if people thought of Magic in these simple terms.  If we did, there would be more Respect, more Gratitude and much more Love.

Many Blessings,
Milady Leela

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