Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Magical and Sacred Spaces of Home~ Making Changes~ Balance of Energy

Hello Friends,

Yesterday I attended an Art Show that I was asked to be in  with some of the Treasures I create.
I will be posting photo's soon. Anyway, after the show, Jimi and I came home and spent some time relaxing together. It has been a very long weekend for us and Yesterday was also very busy in preparing for this show.  It felt really good to just sit and unwind.
I recently I changed out the curtains that hang in our Living Room Windows to the cream colored lace in the photo.  For the most part, I change them out two times a year. I have a set that I use for Autumn and Winter, and a set for Spring and Summer.  I try to keep it simple that way.
I am really loving how the light is coming in through the window.  The Sun's Energy is filling our Sacred Space with such Beauty and Nurturing Love.  Truly Magical indeed. I am also looking forward to seeing the Moon light when it is in a position to shine through our windows.  I know it will also look Beautiful and her Energy just as Powerful♥
I would love to hear if you make changes with your windows for the season.
Wishing you all many Blessings!

Much Love,
Milady Leela

P.S. Who else is looking forward to Beltane besides me?


  1. I like the idea of having seasonal curtains!

  2. Yes, it is the easiest way to decorate and makes us look forward to the season changes♥