Thursday, September 1, 2011

Blue Sparkle, Memories and the Last Days of Summer

Very soon the Summer Season will be coming to and end. In the last post, I spoke of Autumn Inspiration. I really am so looking forward to the next Season, although I had a great Summer! The highlight was that after four years of Marriage, Jimi and I were finally able to go on a Honeymoon. We had the most lovely and romantic time. The memory of my time spent on Hilton Head Island with my Hubby will forever remain sweet in my heart and soul.
It was a fun summer indeed.
Loved wearing my blue snake skin sandals..faux of course.

I do not like to wear the real deal because I love animals too much and do not believe in well you know....
Loved showing off my toes in those sandals too.

Loved, the Blue Sparkle polish and of course the soft pretty polish colors too.

I also Loved wearing my favorite apron gifted from my friend Suzy!!!

whether I was cooking indoors or grilling outside, I wore it...styling it with anything! One summer day, Jimi and I had a cookout to celebrate the season and my granddaughter's first birthday. We invited our Band Members and family. In the video below, we were having a blast doing an impromptu acoustic version of a song that we play out. Look closely, you will see I am wearing that Apron.

Hope your Summer brought you lots of sweet and magical moments like mine did.

Much Love,


Milady Leela

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