Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Something New!!!

Jimi and I went to the Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival on Sunday. We had an amazing time. Oh my Gosh...it was really a great time! I wore my Faery Wings, it is so much fun to play dress up and this Festival is truly the place to do just that. We bought some great smelling incense, potpourri and took lots of pictures. I will share some of these pictures with you soon. I do want to share this one with you now though...

Do you like my hat? I have been looking for a hat like this for a long time. It reminds me of the hat that Stevie Nicks wore in the 70's. Mine is not exactly the same as hers but very similar.
Jimi bought it for me at the Festival and I am so in love with it!!!!! The hat was handmade by one of the artisans which also makes it special to me. Notice the Pink Rose on the side. It is a clip that I usually wear in my hair but thought it would make a perfect finishing touch to the hat. I also have a beautiful white marabou feather that I found at a local craft store which will look super cool too when I want to change it up.
Today, I wore my hat all day! Did I mention I am so in love with it? Ahh, yeah, I think I did.

Much Love,


Milady Leela


  1. That hat is fantastic. :) Can't wait to see your pics. I love renaissance fairs and that is one I have never visited.

  2. Thanks Betsy about the hat and I will be posting pics soon. We got some really good shots and even met a wizard...check back♥

  3. beautiful hat my friend! I love it~ So pretty on you too. Looking forward to seeing the pics of the renaissance fair too.

  4. Thanks so much Donna!!! I really love it too. I hope to post the festival pics soon♥