Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tutorial Tuesday and A New Nail Look of the Day

Hello there! Today is Tuesday and I have a tutorial to share with you. I have not really given this project a name but the finished product is a frame like creation that you can either hang or place on a picture easel.

Lets Begin!

Materials needed:
Clean Jar lid
Photocopied picture
Glue Stick
All Purpose Glue
Paint Brush or paint sponge
Hot glue sticks
Hot Glue gun
Small ribbon roses
Faux pearls
Diamond Glaze

Using the jar lid as a template, cut your picture to fit the inside part of the lid.
glue picture in place using the glue stick and press to secure.
Next apply a thin coat of Diamond glaze with a small paint brush or paint sponge(this product
will make your picture appear as it has a glass finish.)
Apply several thin coats one at a time of the Diamond Glaze. Let dry between each coat. Determine how shiny you want the picture to look and continue to apply the Diamond Glaze until the look you want is achieved.

Next, apply a thin coat of all purpose glue to the back of the lid and sprinkle glitter to cover. Let dry.
Now apply the small ribbon roses and faux pearls using the hot glue gun to the outer rim of the jar lid.
Complete by hot gluing a cord to the back of lid or simply place in a picture easel for display.

....and there you have it!

Also a new nail look of the day using Petites Nail Polish color "Baby Blue" and a glitter polish by L.A. Colors "Starlight" on the ring finger.

Give them a try.....I would love to see your finished projects and Nails of the Day.

Have a beautiful week!

Much Love,
Milady Leela

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