Sunday, August 12, 2012

It's Been A Very Busy Week..and Another Giveaway!

Hello Everybody, I hope you all had a lovely week,,,,My week was very busy!!! There have been some changes to my world lately...good changes I say but scary for me at the same time.  A few weeks ago I made the decision to leave my full time Marketing job in the corporate world.  With the love and support of my Hubby, decided to dive into my art and  build my business! In addition, Jimi and I have had a small Marketing business of our own so I will also be able to put more time into it as well.  Anyway, back to my art.... This past week has been my first week home,  I have been trying to organize around me house as it has been a crazy mess since I had been working a 9 to 5.  I am sure a lot of you know how that goes!
So as I get my house in order, I can really begin to carve out a work space that will be conducive for business and creativity.  Currently, I do have a little studio but I have big plans to make it better.  In addition, I have been speaking with several of my artist friends and have received such positive feedback and ideas for this journey I have chosen,,,,I am so excited about it I could burst!
So...You will be seeing more of me now....I will be sharing more videos and using my blog, twitter and Facebook to say hello to you with ideas, happenings and of course my art work.  You will be seeing a lot of Whimsical Treasures like my Faery Wings especially.
I also wanted to share a video that I filmed and edited...I actually filmed and edited three this week.  I  will share the other two with you soon.  Below is a video in regard to ELF Cosmetics.

 I will doing a giveaway for one lucky winner to be drawn next Sunday...prize is an ELF Lip Plumper.
Rules are as follow:
Visit my You Tube Channel and Like the video:
Subscribe to my Channel.
Leave a comment on the video page,
Leave me a comment here on my blog to let me know you have done the above three things.

If you do not have a YouTube account it is easy to set one can always watch video with out having an account but to "Like", comment or subscribe you will need one. Setting up an account is search can help with this.

Have a lovely week and...Live Life Beautifully♥

Much Love,
Milady Leela