Sunday, August 19, 2012

What A Crazy Week It Has Been

This week has been so crazy!!!!! I do not know where to start to share it with you.  Well...I will just dive right in!  Our Bass Player for our Band quit and we had a scheduled performance on Saturday as well as other scheduled upcoming gigs. Being in the music industry, we knew a few Bass players and asked for help to get us through, especially for this last Saturday.  Our Friend Bob who just got married, last weekend said that he would help.  Yay!! So we gave him a CD of our music and he came to practice on Wednesday....on Thursday, Bob had to be admitted into the hospital for chest pains and as it turned out needed to have three stents placed in his heart. With that being said, we knew he would not be able to do the Saturday Our friend Rick stepped in and offered help.

We scheduled a practice Friday and hoped that Rick could pick up our tunes.  He was not comfortable only having the day before the performance to play Bass for us so we had to make another adjustment.  We called the club owner and discussed the situation as we really did not want to cancel...she said it would be ok for us to come in and do an acoustic set. We felt a bit unsure about how it would sound with out Bass but agreed.  In the meantime, our Sound Guy, has car issues and the gig was a bit out of his way to travel...oh and our previous Bass player also took most of the equipment that we would need for a PA System(it did belong to him) so we would have had to get what we needed from Bob and he was in the hospital!  Whew!!! Are you feeling my anxiety yet?

So, Rick said that he could run sound instead of playing Bass...that relieved our sound guy Mario from having to come out and we played the gig.  It turned out great after all for what we did although we knew it would be so much better with our Bass Player!!! The crowd was still loving our music and that is ALL that matters!!!

Also this friend Donna came over..we went to Breakfast and then back to my house to create Wreaths.  We filmed a video our tutorial of  and I will share it soon.  I posted previously a bit about this day.....and best of all, I received a email from a reporter from The Pittsburgh Post Gazette who was interested in interviewing me for all of my online involvements especially my YouTube Channel. I interview with her on Friday via phone and a photographer is coming to do a photo shoot on Tuesday!  I am super excited that I am going to in the paper for my work!!

Lastly, I have been working on getting my house in order and was finally able to organize my closet.  Below is the video showing how I have taken my tiny closet and made it functional..for me at least.

I have noticed that someone has disliked my video but did not leave a comment as to why.  I really wish if someone is going to do that they would at least let you know why so that you could make it better or answer in some sort of way...I hope you like my video.  If you do or do not, it is ok.  Please do feel free to leave me comments on YouTube or here.  I always welcome your feedback♥

Thanks for taking the time to read about my busy, crazy week...I do not think I have written so much on one post in quite a while.

Much Love,
Milady Leela

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