Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tutorial Tuesday...DIY Wreath

Hello there......it is time again for another Tutorial.  This time, enjoy some "chit chat" as you learn how to create an inexpensive but beautiful wreath suited for gift giving.

Much Love,
Milady Leela

***This video is lengthy.... be prepared to set a side some time...you can clean, do dishes or organize your stuff...LOL while watching♥


  1. Hi there, Dena! I featured my lovely giveaway prize on my blog, today, if you wanted to go look. Wow, you're in a BAND!You play Nights in White Satin! Love that song...

    1. I will definitely take a look...thanks o much for posting on you blog.I so appreciate that! Yes, I am in a band. Nights is such a cool song, it is so much fun to do too♥