Sunday, September 23, 2012

Getting Things Done!

Oh my Goodness!!!  This past week was filled with so much activity! I filmed, edited and uploaded several video's, Presented at a Event with our Marketing Company PnL Media Promotions(Hubby and Me own) and Performed at a Benefit with my Band.  Whew!!!! it was a totally awesome week I'd say!
Below is one of the Videos I created this week.

The video is of the outfit that I wore to the Marketing Presentation.  I have a few others that were also uploaded this week too...My Lipstick Collection and My Studio Space Tour.  Please visit my YouTube Channel here: for these.  You can browse other videos there that catch your fancy. Hope you enjoy♥ I do love comments by the way, so be sure to say hello.

The Benefit that my Band did was to help raise money for Cancer Research and to assist in scholarships for young aspiring Musicians.  You can check out the Facebook page here and also a live stream of the event here:
At this can view videos of the 4 day event.  If you are looking for my Band...we performed on Saturday the 22 at 11PM.

So was a totally awesome week...Jimi and I are going up to the ZanaFest to hang out today so I have to go get ready.  Hope your week was a good one!  See ya back here soon♥

Much Love,
Milady Leela

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