Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Tutorial Tuesday...Just Roll With It!

Today's tutorial is something that I love doing with my hair.  It is an easy way to style, set and tame your hair. If you have never tried styling your hair with Hot Rollers, I say....Just Roll With It!!! Purchase a set and give it a try.  I think you will agree that it is super easy and just the perfect way to curl your hair. Using hot rollers is also a time saver, as you can set your hair and apply your make up while the curlers are setting.

I am thinking of doing a tutorial on a Victory Roll Hair Style which for those of you that are not familiar with is a style from the 1940's that was named around the WWII era in regard to the maneuvers of the Victorious Planes during that time period.  Have I mentioned before that I am a Vintage lover?  I am for sure!! I Love all things vintage and retro, so this style is super interesting to me.  The Victory Roll style seems to be coming back in modern day forms so I think a tutorial would be appropriate. Love this look, what do you think about it?

Old Hollywood Glam Rocks!

Much Love,
Milady Leela

***Pic of Betty Grable "Google" Images

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