Friday, September 13, 2013

Enchanting Happenings

Hello there my Friends!!!

Last Sunday Jimi and I went to the Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival...It is always such a blast!!! We have been going to this Festival every year for the past several years.  It is such a Magical Place to be!!! I took lots of Photographs and thought that I would create a slideshow video in order to share it with you...Come back here to see that video soon! I will share with you now a bit of what to expect.  Part 1 of this magical day is ready for you to see♥

I hope you enjoy!!!

Much Love,
Milady Leela

P.S.  I will see you back here soon for Part 2 on Sunday♥


  1. Oh your blog is so dreamy. I wish we had those renaissance festivals here in Sweden too. I love the wreath with leaves and flowers; so faery like. Love Sara in Sweden

    1. Sara, Thanks so much for visiting me here♥ The Festivals are magical I must England there is a Faery Fest..I would love to go to that!!! We do not have those here, but I am thinking it is similar to the Rens Fests. I have taken a moment to look at your lovely blog too....oh it looks so magical!!! Looking forward to reading your posts. Let's keep in touch! ~Hugs, Dena