Thursday, September 26, 2013


Hi there my Friends,

So yesterday was a very artistically productive day!!! I had an RD Productions Meeting with my Friend and Business Partner Robin Seeber.  We had such a great time brainstorming ideas for our upcoming events and happenings.  Visit here for a bit of our day:

I just love getting together with Robin!!!! She is so Inspiring!!!

This week...I will see her again on Saturday as my Band "The Sidewinder Band" is playing near her hometown!  Yay!  She loves to take Photo's of our Band, you may have seen some of them here on my Blog before...Not only is she an amazing Doll Artist, she is incredible at taking Photographs!  Check out her Candid Pixels Page here:

Also, I created a new Cover Photo for one of my Facebook Pages...I call this one....
                                  ~True Love Is A Universal Language~

You can visit my Page here:

Now I have to get my butt moving......I have so many projects to get done and to start.  I want to sincerely Thank You all for all of your support of me here and with all of the things I do!  It truly means so much to me to know that you are with me!!! It makes doing what I do so wonderful!!!

Much Love,
Milady Leela


  1. Happy Autumn, Deena. Isn't it great to brainstorm with creative friends. It always gets my juices flowing. That's awesome you are in a band too!

    1. It truly is wonderful to Brainstorm with creative the fact that cyberspace allows for new friendships that bring this to our lives as well. So glad to have you with me!!!
      Art and Music is what inspires my life to the fullest♥
      Much Love,