Sunday, November 3, 2013

Grey House and Gratefulness

I have been fascinated with Grey House from the Good Witch Series since I first saw the movies.  I learned from my Friend Justina that Grey House is indeed a real place!  Visit the link below and it will take you to more info regarding this lovely location!

I have my own "Grey House"!

 It is not as Grand Scale as the one pictured above but it is my humble abode.  A place that I call Home and a place where many Blessings have been granted to me and my Family.  I long to have a large Stone Grey House Mansion some day and I will...but for now, I am grateful for the Blessings that I have...
like the ivy that grows on and around my house.
 It has been said that Ivy provides Protection from negativity and disaster.  It is also is known for healing.  I am truly comforted that Ivy has chosen to share her existence on our Grey House!
Also I am in awe of the Roses that grow in my Summer Garden.

The Beautiful Bounty that they yield, which provides the foundation of all of my Organic Hand-Made Potpourri.

...and the accidental pumpkin patch that grew from seed.

The summer Garden Indeed!

It has been quite a Celebration of  of growth and change....we prepare now for the Holiday Season and the coming of the Winter Solstice, December 21, 2013.
My Grey House has provided so many Blessings of Earth and Spirit!  Some small and some Grand...but just the same, just enough for me♥

I hope that you have been finding the Blessings in your Life as no matter what your "Grey House" is....It is always Grand!

Much Love,
Milady Leela


  1. That is lovely! I love the Grey House. It was one of the reasons I first started watching the series. :-)

    1. I want to get the DVD's...waiting for the 6 movie set!!!

  2. Your grey house is lovely, too.