Monday, November 11, 2013


Hello my Friends,
I did my first of the Holiday Jewelry shows that are on my schedule this past Saturday.

It was such a great time!  I met so many amazing people and gained some new friends.  I am so grateful for all the blessings I have been given lately.  One of my new friends posted the sweetest testimony about me and my work.
 I am so so touched by what she has said about me.
I  look forward to the next show that is coming up in a couple of is so wonderful to be a part of helping to make someone's holiday special by helping them to find the perfect gift.
After I came home from my show, Jimi and I spent time with our friends Robin and Roger at our house.  I made a spinach dip that is served in a bread bowl and put out fresh veggies to munch on.  I also made a chili and cheese dip and served it with tortilla chips.  Robin brought a vegan chic pea spread and a few dips.  She and I had wine and the boys had soda...they could have had wine but I guess they did not want to...oh well.
Robin took some amazing photo's of us and our Kitty's.

She is such a wonderful photographer!!!
Anyway, we also watched  "Dark Shadows" on DVD. Jimi and I had never seen it.  When it first came out at the theater, we took some photo's with the display that was set up at our local Cinnemark.

The movie was great and as always, food and friendship is the best!!!

How was your weekend?  I hope it was lovely!

Much Love,
Milady Leela

*if you would like to visit Robin's page for more info regarding her photography.. visit here:


  1. Your set up at the jewelry show is so beautiful! You and I have such a shared aesthetic! Don't you just love the house in Dark Shadows?

    1. Thanks so much Jennifer! The show was a lot of fun and I met some great people there too. I have to agree that we do have a shared aesthetic as know how much I love your surroundings too. In answering your question about the house...oh it..Castle's are amazing!!!!