Sunday, May 6, 2012

What A Fabulous Week!!!!!

This week was really fabulous!!!! Our Band taped commercial segments with a local TV Station WPMY and local Radio Personalities "Tall Kathy" and "Scottro" for this weekends Movie "Chicago."  We did the commercial segments in between the movie.

 It was  a lot of fun!!!!

Yesterday, we went to The Meadows to take part in The Kentucky Derby festivities and placed some bets.  We really did not win very much money but it was a lot of fun!  Later that night, we were invited for dinner to a friends house and to watch the movie I mentioned.  It was really cool to see ourselves on the commercials! 

I must also mention that on Friday night, I was finally able to get to Marshalls to reedem my Gift Certificates...only from Christmas, shows how busy I am because you all know, I LOVE to shop!  Anyway, I am really happy with all that I bought and filmed a video to share.

I will be back tomorrow with Mani Monday...a new Nail look and an updated Nail Polish Collection Video.

See ya soon♥

Much Love,

Milady Leela

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