Sunday, April 15, 2012

What a Great Day!

What a great day it was yesterday!!!! Jimi, Stefan and I were asked to be Judges for the Pittsburgh Pa X-Factor Auditions.
To be asked to be a Judge is truly such an honor! There was amazing talent but only 3 winners were selected to go to the next level. The winners selected are now guaranteed to have another audition in front of the X-Factor producers at the Rhode Island Auditions. This City's auditions will be televised on Fox TV so be sure to watch. I am not sure when but the information will be announced on Fox. While we were there yesterday, we were invited to attend a Grand Opening of a new Pittsburgh Club later that evening, so the Three of us went and checked it out. we had fun. This pic is not at all clear because it was very dark inside the club. I still think the pic is neat though. Then after the Club, Jimi and I went to see a Band...Obviously our Band was off so we do try to make it out to see our friends Band's when we can. It was a very busy music filled day and we had a Blast!
Also wanted to mention that there have been some changes to our Band. We have a new guitar player now and will be moving on to amazing new things. Change can be a good thing. Please continue to watch for The Sidewinder never know where we may be.

Much Love,
Milady Leela

P.S. Jimi and I also managed to squeeze in going to the Pittsburgh Symphony before meeting Stefan at the Club. The Symphony was incredible!!!!! I will say we had a very busy but amazing fun filled day of Music♥

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