Monday, April 30, 2012

Tutorial Tuesday....Relationship Nurturing.

Today is Tutorial Tuesday!!!! This week I will share my thoughts about relationships.  My husband and I both believe that it is very important to stay connected by scheduling time for each other.  Creating ways to continue to build our friendship and our marriage(Our Relationship).  What we do is plan dates whether they be just to go out for dinner, to a movie, an overnight, vacation.or even just a night in.  These special moments are times we look forward to.  Sometimes our dates are spontaneous and sometimes not...but either way, it is our way to nurture our relationship.   We have so much fun together on our dates...and over the years, we have created so many special memories.  Below is a video of a recent night out...I/we hope you enjoy watching it.

I encourage you to make a date with your special someone.  The time together is very nurturing and is really a great way to stay connected with each other.

Have fun and enjoy each others company.

I'll be back soon.

Much Love,
Milady Leela

P.S. I named my video "Love Is A Gamble" because when one falls in love, it is a gamble as to what your love will become and grow in to.  Remember, it is really up to the both of you in how you choose to love.  Be good to each other..Respect each other and most of all, Love each other.

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