Sunday, December 9, 2012

Earlier this week, Jimi had to train for a  job that he will be working on for the next two weeks.  In the meantime, our Van needed some work and so it was in the shop. With that being said, I thought I would join him on his travel to the Airport and have him drop me off at Walmart so I could do a little shopping.  He was only going to be about an hour so I could pick up a few things while waiting for him.  I managed to find the last Christmas gift I wanted for him there and needed to buy kitty litter for our kitties.  In addition., I had been researching camera's that had video capabilities. It is time for me/us to upgrade. While at Walmart, I  ventured into the electronics Dept. to take a peek at their camera's. I did see one that I thought would be what we needed and it was in a price range that we could afford......I bought it!!! Yay! it is a Nikon Coolpix L810 with a 26x Zoom Lens.  The camera has HD recording capabilities with stereo sound too!! My Dad is a Photographer and said that it was a great deal for the specs.  I plan on still using my small hand held camera but this one will be better for all of the plans and needs I have for my Business, Milady Leela Enterprises.  Jimi and I will also be needing this for our PnL Media Promotions Company too. So we are really excited about our upgrade.  Truthfully, it is not what we really would want to have, but for now it is what we could afford and it will do.

After he picked me up, we stopped at a Thai Restaurant and enjoyed a nice light lunch.  I filmed a bit about our outing here:

Also this week, My daughter Kelly called me and asked me to help her select a new Christmas tree and decorations for her house.  We picked out a really pretty white tree and some beautiful ornaments and lights.  She decorated the tree while her Fiance was at turned out super cute!!!

How are things in your world?  Are you ready for the Holiday's?

Much Love,
Milady Leela

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