Sunday, December 16, 2012

Friends and Family

This past week my friend Donna and I spent time together and filmed a couple of DIY video's.  One is how to make pie crust from scratch and the other how to make the perfect scrambled egg.  I will be working on editing them this week and should have the video's posted to my YouTube Channel very soon. As always, Donna and I have such a good time when we are together! In fact, Jimi and I really enjoy getting together with her and her Hubby John...this is a photo we took of them in a limo ride we shared together a time ago.

Also this past week, I spent time with my Mom.  We have not seen each other in quite some time so it was great to be able to see her.  She had invited me to a Christmas Party at her Country Club.  I filmed some of our time together of course.

Mom sent me home with a bunch of goodies...not sweets but clothes, shoes, scarves and stuff for the house.  I am thinking about filming a video of what she gave me. It is always fun to get new treasures.

As we get closer to Christmas...I hope that you are are able to find time to enjoy with Family and Friends...the hustle and bustle at this time can be so overwhelming!

Much Love,
Milady Leela

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