Sunday, February 16, 2014

A Very Special and Romantic Valentine's Day 2014

Hello My Lovely Friends!  I hope you all had a Fabulous Valentine's Day!!!!! As Promised, I wanted to share a bit of mine.  Jimi and I decided a while ago that we would spend this Valentine's Day/Anniversary at home.  I began planning a few weeks ago how I would create the evening for us.  I decided on a menu of Roasted Cornish hens, Red Smashed Potato's and Sweet White Corn.  For desert, an assorted Chocolate Tray and of course White Wine and Champagne.  I created a very special loose Love Incense Blend and prepared the Candles for our Evening with Blessings for our Love! In addition, The Snow White and Her Prince Box I recently thrifted, was also a part of our Celebration....together we said a blessing over the box with our intentions of continued love and respect for one another. I have to say that it was truly the Best Valentine's Day, besides our Wedding!

                                                                   ♥Setting The Scene♥

                                                             ♥ Gifts For My Valentine♥

                                                        ♥Jimi Prepares the Champagne♥

♥Our Lovely Table♥

It was Truly a Very Special and Romantic Valentine's Day!!!

Blessings and Much Love,
Milady Leela


  1. OMGGG!! I love everything about this post!!! Everything looks so cozy , the candlelight makes everything look so soft and magical! I love those little chalices and the cute Frog Prince statue!!

    It looks like it was a LOVELY Valentine's Day and anniversary for you!
    You guys are the cutest!

    1. Thanks Justina!!!! It was truly a Magical Evening!!!! I too adore the Chalices, they are solid brass and the Frog Prince...well he is a cookie jar. He came with the cutest little Dragon Plates and two Cups that are Princess's .
      You are so sweet to say that you think Jimi and me are are you and Avi. Hope you had a nice Valentine's Day too!

  2. So beautiful Dena! Looks like a fairy tale cottage in there. That sweet little Snow White box is so cute!

    1. I really love being in my Kitchen/dining area. It is truly a favorite place in my home to hang out in!!! The Snow White Box was a score at the local thrift shoppe...could not pass it up for $2.99.